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DUH veggie lasagna cupcakes

DUH veggie lasagna cupcakes

I’m pretty sure I’d eat these too fast, but how delicious.  

Also- are cupcakes the most secret path to obesity?? Asking for another slice of cake at a bday party is a lil bit fatty.  Grabbing another cupcake is no biggie.  Just another way Americans sneak in extra calories on the sly…


what i loved to eat:

this is the internet menu description of an item i had at seabirds food truck here in OC. you’re not here so i’ll pass it on. if you ever are down here, we need to stalk them and eat their food. they deserve our money.

Pineapple Fried Rice (gluten free) – grilled pineapple, toasted cashews, english peas, bell pepper, scallions, cilantro, organic brown rice.

i’ll be recreating this gem for work lunches!! the soy sauce was the secret star of the dish. can’t get enough! (and if you don’t remember, i don’t like rice and love this. and don’t like black beans but ate up their last week’s dish of jalepeno black beans with coconut bacon. they are magic)

seabirds ❤


soy cheese is not vegan cheese.  rocked my world a lil bit

not that i attend peta mtgs or anything… but i was taking pride in about 50 meals that i thought were harmless to our animal friends.  will need to find a replacement for vegan eggplant lasagna…

Soyrizo Bfast

Little Bird will be the first meal on the kelli/ryan SF vegventure.  Until then, I’m “holding out” on that soyrizo breakfast sandwich.  I use the quotes because holding out will probs just mean i’ll fake like I have yet to try it, and just ask that their employee not refer to the sandwich/coffee as my “regular.”

I also like that they don’t try to make it look fancy and have stuck with the classic nyc breakfast cart more-cheese-the-better presentation.

yamamoto salad


a few months ago i went to a vegan cooking demo that taught us how to make some different kinds of “nachos”- japanese inspired ones and italian inspired ones.  while the food was delicious, i’d like to point out that as an angelino, these are not nachos, and i’m borderline offended that they were being called nachos.  haters gon’ hate, but i don’t take reinterpreting mexican food lightly.

anyway, i recreate the japanese ones somewhat frequently, and decided to mix it up and make it into a work-lunch friendly salad.  you should try it.  it’s great..

1.  get a sweet potato, cut into same-sized cubes depending on your mood.  toss in olive oil and some sea salt.  bake at 425 or something until they’re cooked all the way through and the reject small ones start to burn.  (yes this is how i actually cook.)  put in a tupperware for a few days while you figure out what to do with them.

2.  cut up some kale.  steam it.  then saute it real fast in a little olive oil and sesame oil, to make it taste a little less like kale, because honestly, does anyone like how it tastes?

3.  get a cucumber.  seed it (aka eat the seeds out if cucumber is your favorite fruit like me and be glad that recipes require snacking.)  cut into ~.5 inch cubes.

4.  chop up some green onions.

5.  in your lunch tupperware(s), place kale, sweet potato chunks, cucumber chunks, green onions, black beans, tomatoes if you’re into that, sesame seeds,  any other flare you find lying around in the fridge and you think would go well.

6.  take a bottle of annie’s naturals organic sesame ginger dressing to work with tupperware.  marry the two before you eat.

it’s amazing.  i promise.  and colorful which means healthy.  and has a lot of calcium and magnesium and other things i’m currently deficient in and need for my muscles.


quick note

just bought some chocolate coconut milk. delicious. it tastes like jell-o brand chocolate pudding, which is really great because i’d eat that when i was home sick from school.. so now when i’m sick i crave it. so now i can have chocolate coconut milk instead.


clogman’s wisdom

clogman: (pointing to my tupperware) is that your lunch?
me: yeah.
clogman: that’s a small lunch.
me: well i started eating like a rabbit recently so i’m never really hungry enough for a lunch.
clogman: how do rabbits eat?
me: well basically i got addicted to pistachios recently so i snack on those all day and then i’m never hungry. it’s awkward though because at the end of the day i realize i’ve eaten a pound of fatty nuts. [ed’s note: just realized how dirty that sounds. LOL]
clogman: we’re scientists. we don’t call things fatty; we call them brain food.

thank you, clogman, for your constant wisdom and presence and clog-clacking up and down the halls. and for always being on he same pee schedule as me.