yamamoto salad


a few months ago i went to a vegan cooking demo that taught us how to make some different kinds of “nachos”- japanese inspired ones and italian inspired ones.  while the food was delicious, i’d like to point out that as an angelino, these are not nachos, and i’m borderline offended that they were being called nachos.  haters gon’ hate, but i don’t take reinterpreting mexican food lightly.

anyway, i recreate the japanese ones somewhat frequently, and decided to mix it up and make it into a work-lunch friendly salad.  you should try it.  it’s great..

1.  get a sweet potato, cut into same-sized cubes depending on your mood.  toss in olive oil and some sea salt.  bake at 425 or something until they’re cooked all the way through and the reject small ones start to burn.  (yes this is how i actually cook.)  put in a tupperware for a few days while you figure out what to do with them.

2.  cut up some kale.  steam it.  then saute it real fast in a little olive oil and sesame oil, to make it taste a little less like kale, because honestly, does anyone like how it tastes?

3.  get a cucumber.  seed it (aka eat the seeds out if cucumber is your favorite fruit like me and be glad that recipes require snacking.)  cut into ~.5 inch cubes.

4.  chop up some green onions.

5.  in your lunch tupperware(s), place kale, sweet potato chunks, cucumber chunks, green onions, black beans, tomatoes if you’re into that, sesame seeds,  any other flare you find lying around in the fridge and you think would go well.

6.  take a bottle of annie’s naturals organic sesame ginger dressing to work with tupperware.  marry the two before you eat.

it’s amazing.  i promise.  and colorful which means healthy.  and has a lot of calcium and magnesium and other things i’m currently deficient in and need for my muscles.



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