clogman’s wisdom

clogman: (pointing to my tupperware) is that your lunch?
me: yeah.
clogman: that’s a small lunch.
me: well i started eating like a rabbit recently so i’m never really hungry enough for a lunch.
clogman: how do rabbits eat?
me: well basically i got addicted to pistachios recently so i snack on those all day and then i’m never hungry. it’s awkward though because at the end of the day i realize i’ve eaten a pound of fatty nuts. [ed’s note: just realized how dirty that sounds. LOL]
clogman: we’re scientists. we don’t call things fatty; we call them brain food.

thank you, clogman, for your constant wisdom and presence and clog-clacking up and down the halls. and for always being on he same pee schedule as me.


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